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Never Count Crow: Love and Loss in Kennebunk, Maine

Cynthia Fraser Graves

This book is a nonfiction account of one family's experience of a sudden death in their midst by Maine author Cynthia Fraser Graves. The book has been getting great reviews, and would be a terrific one for The Hospice Website to consider. The book "warmly reconstitutes life in a small Maine town during the years 1972-2004 and is filled with a cast of delightful characters, the State of Maine being one. In the lives of this family, readers will recognize the sacredness of every interaction when seen through the lens of loss."

"A beautifully written memoir, intimate and personal in its evocations of dreams and souvenirs. It is especially convincing through the sensitive and compelling form it gives to the process of mourning. In the tradition of the great poetic and prose works that express the experience of bereavement such a Tennyson's In Memoriam, and others in twentieth- century literature, this writer succeeds in conveying to the reader her profound sense of loss." Henry F. Majewski, Professor Emeritus - Brown University
"Never Count Crow is an inviting memoir...Fraser Graves' observation of ordinary scenes of nature reflects a Thoreau-like recognition of detail." Jim Brosnan Ph. D., English Dept. Johnson & Wales University
"Graves has constructed a collection of memorable episodes and fashioned them into cathartic narratives..." George V. Van Deventer, Editor Off the Coast Magazine-the Journal of the Live Poets Society
...as real and heartwarming as sitting by the fire with a cup of tea and an old friend. When the reader finishes Never Count Crow, one can't help but feel a profound awe and reverence for this one family's difficult journey and for the presence of Spirit in the midst of catastrophe. Read this lovely little book, and you will know you have spent a good day with a dear friend and, in the process, been rewarded with her wisdom. Meredith Jordan, Author of Standing Still: Hearing the Call to a Spirit-Centered Life
"Remarkable in its proposition that those who die remain in touch with their loved ones in diverse and surprising ways..." Theodore P. Fraser, Ph. D, Professor Emeritus Holy Cross College
"A thought provoking, stirring text and serves as inspiration for all who suffer from loss." Nancy Labbe, Director of Faith Formation Biddeford Catholic Community

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